3 Benefits of Reclaimed Wood

There is no doubt that wood is popular and many choose wood for a variety of projects and products used both inside and outside the home. With wood being so popular, it only makes sens that much of it is also discarded. Things such as wood pallets are used so regularly that in 2015 almost three million tons of them were recycled, and wood accounts for up to 30% of construction waste. Considering how much is wasted, it is nice to know that there is some that recycled, saved and even reclaimed. Some of the wood that is reclaimed is actually more popular than normal wood.


Choosing reclaimed wood over new wood for things such as wood table tops, rustic furniture has benefits because of things such as character within the reclaimed wood. The benefit of reclaimed wood means that there will not be any other wood just like it. Each individual piece has individual characteristics that cannot be replicated. The weathered characteristics are something that separates each piece of furniture from any other piece and makes each piece beautiful and unique.


Reclaimed wood typically comes from older forests meaning the trees are older and more durable. The trees from these forests grow naturally making the wood stronger. More of the wood today is not as mature, but rather are mixed with certain chemicals to attempt to make the wood stronger. This wood doesn’t warp as other wood does. This means that those who have children could benefit greatly from reclaimed wood.

Environmentally Friends

Wood furniture made nowadays takes so many trees to make that it is a strain on the environment. Reclaimed wood doesn’t require the same because it has already been harvested, and is more recycled rather than made from new wood. This helps save the environment and the trees and many of our forests.

Knowing the benefits of this type of wood helps you make wise decisions and helps you decide why this type of wood is the best choice for you. When choosing what type of wood you want understand that benefits of both types. While those choosing reclaimed wood may end up paying more, they must realize that they are paying for quality. They are paying for real wood without the chemicals that other woods have. Research to find the many benefits to make the best choice for furniture for your home.

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