Put Down the Doritos, You Can Do Better Than That at College

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Healthy choice diet

When you get to college, the most difficult thing will not be getting up for that 8 a.m. class on Friday morning, nor will it be staying awake through art history. The most difficult thing you will have to do is try to obtain a cheap healthy diet. Did you know that mozzarella sticks are 186% more popular among college students than they are among regular diners? There is a reason that college students struggle. College food courts and their other food offerings are notoriously unhealthy, and expensive. If you want to save money and eat healthier foods, then you will need to step into the realm of healthy college cooking.

Why is a healthy diet important?

In order to have the energy to sustain late nights of partying, extracurricular participation, long days of classes, and some of the mo

Raw Food Diet Plans Are Better for You and Mother Earth

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Raw food diet

Like vegetarianism and veganism before it, the Raw Food Diet gets a bad wrap as being some concoction of crazy hipsters that are out of touch with reality. The uninitiated often think that Raw Food Diet plans are based on pseudoscience and nature-based religions that have little real fact that they are based on. They think that adhering to the Raw Food lifestyle means you have to eat strange, unappetizing food. However, as you will see, the truth is that the Raw Diet is a healthy diet plan. Here are three ways it can help you and help the Earth.

  • Saving the Planet
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    As written on Zen Habits, eating raw is a great way to reduce the impact we have on the planet through our eating habits. Consider, each and every time we eat a processed food, cooked or otherwise, it comes

An Overview of Raw Diets

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Raw diet

Raw food diet plans have one distinct advantage over other plans. They have been around for thousands of years longer. The central concept of the raw diet is simple… eat only what our cavemen ancestors ate, and you will be slimmer, fitter, and healthier, and all without the daily danger of being eaten by a tiger. Here are some of the talking points.%3Cbr%3E

  • Convenience Conundrum. As the pace of life continues to pick up, our food options get faster too. With this speed comes a huge decrease in the nutritional value of the food we eat. Raw food diets avoid all the nasty side effects of trans fat, bad cholesterol, processed sugars, partially hydrogenated oils… anything used to make the mass preparation of food faster and cheaper. So do raw diets mean you need to spend a little more prep time on

Raw Food Diets No Need for Science

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Raw food diet

We all want to eat better, for whatever reason. Whether for weight loss, energy increase, or maintenance as we age, there is now and will always be a push to have a more healthy diet plan. Lately, a lot of attention has been paid to raw food diets, and their potential benefits. While the “science” behind the reasoning is yet to be conclusively proven (for the pros AND the cons), there are some benefits that require no backing, and are as intuitive as breathing.

Leafy greens, for instance. Many raw food diet plans espouse the virtue of eating spinach, kale, and some lettuces, especially as part of a salad or uncooked garnish. The darker the color of the leaf, the more nutrients you will get (for instance, dark colored kale has far more nutritional value than pale iceberg lettuce). Raw food diets require that yo