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3 Tips for Having an Amazing Dinner Party

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What flowers are edible

Are you planning on throwing a dinner party this spring? It pays to get prepared ahead of time.
Not surprisingly, you?re going to want to impress your guests with your selection — whether it?s the appetizers or the drinks. The New York Times has argued that the dinner party is largely dead, but we?d say otherwise. Here are 5 tips you can keep in mind for a great dinner party that helps bring this trend back in vogue among your circle of friends.

1. Get Great Appetizers

The trick to choosing a great appetizer is getting foods that look great, are easy to eat, and, duh — taste good. There?s a lot of appetizers you can make yourself, or if you?re short on time, most grocery stores now feature a wide range of appetizer choices. Bruschetta is always a good option since

5 Etiquette Rules for Brunching It Up on a Holiday

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No one wants to wake up early on Sunday morning to meet their loved ones for breakfast; especially if they’ve been out late the night before. This is why humans developed the incredible concept of Sunday brunch. Having a nice meal with people you love at a time that is too late to be called breakfast but too early to be called lunch, is the perfect way to spend a relaxing weekend morning.

Brunch was invented in England during World War 2, but it did not make its way across the pond to America for 30 more years. Once the idea of brunch reached the American border, it took off like a wild fire. Now, every millennial can be found Googling “brunch restaurants for the holidays” to make a mad dash for a reservation at the fancy re