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Want to Try Sushi? Start with Three of the Best Kinds

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Over the last few decades, sushi has become one of the world’s top cuisines, eaten everywhere from its homeland of Japan to the cosmopolitan streets of New York City. According to Statistic Brain, in a five-year period, consumption of sushi grew by 40% in the United States, leading to the $2 billion a year industry sushi is today.

While a huge number of people across the world make it a point to regularly visit good sushi restaurants and get their fix, many others have never stepped foot in their local sushi restaurants. The idea of sushi being little more than raw fish, a pervasive and overwhelmingly incorrect stereotype, according to They Call Me an Egg,

Tired of Savory Empanadas? Try Our Recipe for a Banana S’more Version

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Hispanic food has quickly become one of the most popular cuisines in the United States. Restaurants selling Mexican food, for example, earn $31 billion in annual revenues. As the population of Hispanics has risen in the United States, traditional foods from Mexico, Peru, Cuba, and other Hispanic nations have intermingled with American classics to create something new and wonderful.

Take empanadas: Named for the Spanish verb “emapanar,” meaning “to coat with bread,” empanadas originated in Spain with the Galician culture. As Spanish forces took over parts of the New World, they brought along this dish. As during those times, the empanadas made in the States have fused with local classics. Anyone who’s ever spent a summer in the U.S. knows that there are few foods more emblematic of the American summer