What Liquor Should I Provide for a Wedding?

Written by Ron. Posted in Beer games, Liquor for weddings, Wilmington delaware liquor stores

Wine and spirits delaware

On average, over 44,000 weddings take place every weekend. For anyone that’s ever been to a wedding, you’ll know that the general jubilation pairs hand-in-hand with alcohol. There is a great deal of alcohol on the market though, whether it’s beer, wine, or liquor (spirits). When planning a wedding, it is well known that alcohol is a centerpiece of the ceremonies — a wedding with an open bar can lead to a catering bill with nearly 20% to 25% of the cost dedicated to alcohol. Along with weddings, the total alcohol beverage sales in the U.S. accumulates to over $200 billion a year, so it’s a massive industry with a large consumption base. In an attempt to figure out just what your “liquor for wedding” needs are, there is an importance in knowing just what kind of audience you are catering to.