A Form Fill Seal Machine is Just One of the Many Options

Written by Ron. Posted in Form fill seal machine, Vacuum pouches, X-ray

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While food packaging may be easily overlooked by many, it is an essentially important aspect of food preparing and delivering. The food packaging also plays a significant role in the safety of the food from the moment it is produced until the moment it is prepared to eat in your home.

According to recent research, one out of six people in the United States will get sick, 128,000 of them will be hospitalized, and 3,000 of them will die from a food-borne disease. While there are many factors involved in the development of food-borne diseases, the packaging and safety of the packaging is a significant one.

One form of packaging that helps protect food is vacuum sealing. Vacuum sealers are able to preserve food for three to five times longer than food stored in plastic containers or plastic bags. A