Learn to Love Organic Micro Greens

Written by Ron. Posted in Sugared flowers, The art of crystallized flowers

Micro basil

If you are looking for a fresh way to spice up your meals, you are in luck. Have you tried adding organic micro greens to your dishes? These may be small but they pack a nutritional punch. If your kids balk at eating their vegetables, you can try these. It has been reported that children respond well to a colorful plate. The ideal number of colors for a child’s taste is six food colors and seven food components. Adults only prefer three.

Organic micro greens have been a favorite of chefs for years. They began popping up in upscale San Francisco restaurants in the 1980s. The trend made its way eastward in the 1990s and now they are served all over the country and elsewhere.

What are organic micro greens?

Organic micro greens come in a wide variety of tastes from sweet to spi