The Art Of A Lasting Impression Using Edible Flowers To Add Some Panache To Your Menu

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What do you think most about your meal when you go out to eat?

Is it a pop of flavor that lingers in your mind or fast customer service? When it comes to today’s modern culture, a little visual flourish goes a long way in leaving an impression. This has caused many restaurants, cafes and bakeries to start looking into candied flowers and petite microgreens to give their menu that little bit of extra style. These food accents are both tasty and visually stunning, creating a positive loop of feedback that will only spell good news for your business as a whole.

Finding the right specialty produce and using it effectively is an art form in of itself. Here are five simple things you should know.

Psychology And Food Plating

Crafting a good menu is more than just choosing fresh ingredients or following trends. You need to have an intimate understanding of human psychology and what customers want to see when they walk through your restaurant’s fro

Microgreens and Edible Flowers Provide Tasty Food Accents

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Sugar flowers for cupcakes

Has your family made a commitment to eating at home more often? Have you decided to spend more time preparing meals with your children and teenagers?
In today’s fast paced world, it is easy to skip the family meals, skip the cooking lessons with the kids, skip eating at home at all. With everything from inexpensive fast food drive throughs to high end restaurant available, it is no wonder that more and more people eat an increasingly number of meals away from home. Eating out, however, cost both time and money. Time away from home. Time waiting for a table at the dine in restaurant. Time waiting for the food to arrive. And, even, time driving to and from the restaurant. Instead of spending your evening meal time at an expensive restaurant, more and more families are looking at ways to eat at ho