Ice Cream Continues to be a Popular Year Round Dessert

Written by Ron. Posted in Frozen dessert cups, Ice cream, Ice cream spoon

The story about the ice cream was definitely the funniest!
When college girlfriends get together they obviously do a lot of talking. And while most of the first conversations are about the kids, the husbands, and current jobs, memories are always creeping in. In fact, it is often difficult to keep up with the ping ponging that goes on. One friend starts a story about her oldest daughter’s escapades while working at a local ice cream shop, and without fail the group falls back on one of the silliest capers of their days in college.
The story gets embellished with each telling, but the basics are that three of the girls in your group had promised each other that they would go out for their favorite soft serve crunch cones if they all did well on an exam. Two of the other girls in the group were more than a little sad that they were not included. As a result, the left out two concocted a crazy scheme where they borrowed some keys and made plans to hide in the truck of the car. Wit