A Look At The Prevalence Of Frozen Treats In The United States

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When summer rolls around and the heat really sets in, many people in the United States (particularly those who are living in traditionally warmer climates) get a craving for ice cream. Even if ice cream isn’t your favorite, options like a frozen yogurt cup or a gelato cup have become plentiful. But no matter what the frozen treat of your choosing it, there’s no denying that frozen treats like a gelato cup or an ice cream cone have become widely and wildly popular in all parts of the United States, especially during the summer. in fact, more ice cream is produced and sold during the month of June than in any other part of the year.

Ice cream is still the most popular frozen dessert in the United States, loved for its creaminess and for its sweetness and for the wide variety of flavors that are now offered – though vanilla still reigns supreme as the most popular ice

What Makes Ice Cream is a Year-Round Favorite?

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Tasting spoons

Any time of the year is ice cream season. If summer is made for popsicles and ice cream cones, in winter it’s time for apple crisp with vanilla ice cream. Or ice cream with hot chocolate sauce. Or…you get the idea. You can always find a reason to eat ice cream, especially if there are kids in your household. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep a supply of ice cream and gelato cups and spoons handy. You never know when the craving will strike and when it does, you’ve got to have the right stuff to give to troops.

Where’s the ice cream?
In the freezer of course, year round. And a lot of it, ideally. As soon as word gets around that there’s ice cream in the house, everyone will be hov