The Food Metal DetectorHow Important Is It?

Written by Ron. Posted in Food grade vacuum pouches, Food map trays, Food sealing machines

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All types of foods are packaged along assembly lines nowadays, and, because of the very real possibility of contaminants being missed during the packaging process, a food metal detector is used as an important step in the operation. A food metal detector is used to identify specific impurities or toxins that could be hidden within the food itself. This type of metal detector looks for explicit forms of metallic contaminants within the product that could potentially be harmful to the consumer, which would, in turn, be harmful to the company. Every year one out of six people in the United States becomes sick as a result of some type of disease contracted from something they ate. Of these 48 million people, 128,000 will end up in the hospital, and another 3,000 will lose their lives. The three particular t