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What are the Benefits of Animal Welfare in Beef Production?

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The way an animal is able to cope with the conditions in which it lives, that’s the whole idea behind animal welfare. As with humans, animals also deal with issues in the environment they operate in, both mentally and physically. In ancient times, animal breeding was common as it is today and all through civilization it has become an obligation for people to treat animals responsibly. Ensuring a good animal welfare means that you must uphold disease prevention and measures, proper nutrition, good shelter, hygiene, humane handling and management. This is important especially in animal agriculture and husbandry.

The meat production sector has seen a lot of technology and advancements in pasture grazing production and industrial livestock production. This has brought changes in how animals are managed with the idea

Microgreens and Edible Flowers Provide Tasty Food Accents

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Has your family made a commitment to eating at home more often? Have you decided to spend more time preparing meals with your children and teenagers?
In today’s fast paced world, it is easy to skip the family meals, skip the cooking lessons with the kids, skip eating at home at all. With everything from inexpensive fast food drive throughs to high end restaurant available, it is no wonder that more and more people eat an increasingly number of meals away from home. Eating out, however, cost both time and money. Time away from home. Time waiting for a table at the dine in restaurant. Time waiting for the food to arrive. And, even, time driving to and from the restaurant. Instead of spending your evening meal time at an expensive restaurant, more and more families are looking at ways to eat at ho

Ask for the Brunch Menu When Planning Your Special Event

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According to a recent survey, thirty-five percent of weddings are held outside. Further, the average budget for a wedding ceremony and reception is $28,385. There are many ways brides are working to save money while still having the upscale wedding of their dreams.

Eating brunch began in England, and took over 30 years to gain popularity in the United States. A brunch is a simple meal that falls mid to late morning. Brunches tend to be lower cost than dinners, and can easily be catered outside.

There are many wedding venues that now commonly offer a brunch menu as one of their options for a wedding. When looking got places to have a wedding reception, you want to find one that offers all or

Let’s Not Have Anyone Scream Over Dropped Ice Cream

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Ice cream cones are fun to have on a hot day, but as parents know they can be fickle in tiny hands. Top-heavy and prone to dripping everywhere, cones are a fun edible means of holding ice cream but there are other ice cream containers that are better at keeping tiny hands clean.

How Much Ice Cream Are We Eating?

A lot. The National Purchase Diary, or NPD group, found in one survey that 40% of Americans eat ice cream about every two weeks at least. Other reports insist that the average person will eat ice cream about 29 times each year. The don’t specify what kind, but vanilla is still going strong as the favorite flavor at 28% according to a recent survey by the International Ice Cream Association member companies. It must have something to do with vanilla’s mellow flavor: it goes with an