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12 Ways to Enhance the Performance of Diaphragm Pumps

Written by Ron. Posted in Drum pump food grade, Industrial drum pumps, Industrial pumps

Drum pumps

Most people don’t realize that they own a lot more pumps than they know. Washing machines, oil run equipment, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers and air conditioners all have some type of fuel or water or oil pump that controls it. However, if you have an high pressure diaphragm pump or any other of the industrial pumps like peristaltic drum pumps, you are probably very aware of its existence. Even so, here are a few tips on what to do in order to maximize the performance of your chemical pump whether it be a high pressure diaphragm pump or another style.

  1. There are many variables when it comes to chemical feeds. Things like the strength of the chlorine, the time of chlorine, what the feed rate setting is at on the pump, etc