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Why Burgundian Wines Are Considered la Creme de la Creme

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When most people think of the world’s best wines, their mind undoubtedly takes them to France. Subsequently, according to, the French wine industry sells more than €6.33 billion, $8.53 billion, worth of its world class wines every year. Among all sources of the noble beverage selling wine online, French wines, according to The Wall Street Journal, are consistently high sellers.

Clearly, shoppers for wine online and off don’t need to be told that French wine is the best in the world. However, they may be surprised to know how much care goes into each and every bottle of the Bourgogne, Burgundy, wine online stores are selling

Put Down the Doritos, You Can Do Better Than That at College

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When you get to college, the most difficult thing will not be getting up for that 8 a.m. class on Friday morning, nor will it be staying awake through art history. The most difficult thing you will have to do is try to obtain a cheap healthy diet. Did you know that mozzarella sticks are 186% more popular among college students than they are among regular diners? There is a reason that college students struggle. College food courts and their other food offerings are notoriously unhealthy, and expensive. If you want to save money and eat healthier foods, then you will need to step into the realm of healthy college cooking.

Why is a healthy diet important?

In order to have the energy to sustain late nights of partying, extracurricular participation, long days of classes, and some of the mo