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How Can You Prepare Crab? Three Interesting Facts about Stone Crabs

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Frozen lobster tails

Did you know that there are over 6,000 species of crabs in the world? The list of crabs that people commonly eat, of course, is a lot shorter. Stone crabs are one example of a popularly eaten crab, and it is in season from October 15th until May 15th. Harvested only along the Gulf Coast of Florida, stone crabs have a small body and fisherman will usually harvest a claw and return the crabs to water so that they can re-grow the missing limb. Interested in knowing more about stone crab meat? Keep reading.

1. Popular Ways to Prepare Crab

Did you know that a stone crab’s claw can crush with 19
,000 pounds per square inch? These make them perfect for tearing and