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Raw Food Diet Plans Are Better for You and Mother Earth

Written by Ron. Posted in HOMEPAGE

Raw food diet

Like vegetarianism and veganism before it, the Raw Food Diet gets a bad wrap as being some concoction of crazy hipsters that are out of touch with reality. The uninitiated often think that Raw Food Diet plans are based on pseudoscience and nature-based religions that have little real fact that they are based on. They think that adhering to the Raw Food lifestyle means you have to eat strange, unappetizing food. However, as you will see, the truth is that the Raw Diet is a healthy diet plan. Here are three ways it can help you and help the Earth.

  • Saving the Planet
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    As written on Zen Habits, eating raw is a great way to reduce the impact we have on the planet through our eating habits. Consider, each and every time we eat a processed food, cooked or otherwise, it comes